Kellington's skilled carpentry crew is second to none. Our carpenters take pride in their work and are expert craftsmen paying attention to every detail. No matter the project, safety and quality come first. Kellington's union carpenters are well trained and experienced in commercial wood framing, rough carpentry, unique and high end finish trim work, architectural casework, doors and hardware, and building accessories. Our team of skilled estimators, project managers and project superintendents will work with the client's schedules and requests to exceed expectations. Our talented workforce can operate in various conditions, time frames, and adapt to enforce Kellington's focus on Quality, Safety, and Results.


"I have always had a great working relationship with Kellington Construction. Over the many years of work, they have always provided great value. They have knowledgeable estimators and project managers, and their field staff know how to get things done with quality and safety at the forefront. I always appreciate having a partner like Kellington Construction on my projects."

Chad Rettke
Construction Executive K-12 Education, Kraus Anderson Construction

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